Nature & Philosophy

Nature and Envinronment

We put a lot of effort in building our resort in an environmentally responsible manner, mostly using materials already existing in the area chosen for the construction, highly respecting the surrounding environment and using an entirely local workforce, led by specialised european personnel.

Giving priority to the purchase of any material or suppliy by local dealers, we have demonstrated since the beginning our desire to support the local community and decided to support the construction and the cost of a small medical center near our hotel. The training of young workers in Zanzibar with Lessons of English and of purely hotel subjects, will consistently be one of our primary commitments.

Our Resort has been built with only natural resources which are found only in Africa (Kenia - Tanzania - Zanzibar). With only the exception of the toilet installments (imported from Italy and Germany in order to ensure maximum reliability and protection) all of the rest of the materials have been chosen by the company, all with a local origin in order to develop the local economy. The immense construction work has never had to rely on mecanical equiptment as it has been built only by hand and only with local workers, paid always above the minimum wage and regularly employed, always with the intent to encourage socio-economical growth. The entire Resort has been completely built by hand.

We have made this area a green oasis by planting around 300 coconut trees, 1.200 banani trees, 250 palm trees, 1.500 Agaves, 800 ornamental plants, 100 fruit trees, 3000 flowers and much, much more with always the greatest respect towards the environment that we want to preserve and appreciate.

We love Africa and we first want to keep it in all its magnificence.

The scent of the sea, blended with the fagrances of spices and flowers.

The rustle of palm trees mixed with the chirping of colourful birds.

The warmth of the sun united with the cooling caress of the wind on your skin.

The colours of the Indian Ocean which fill your heart and relax your mind.

The flavour of food and the freshest of fruits that only the African land is able to give.

These were our feelings when we first visited Zanzibar.
Now we want every corner of this 
Resort to transfer all of the same memorable feelings to you. It's the intention of Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort to bring to mind a time of simple pleasures pieced together by moments of pure beauty, with a choice of convivial spaces or intimate exclusiveness, based on your tastes or mood. Elegant and sober in a romantic atmosphere full of exuberant nature, the Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort awaits you, dedicated to calmness and privacy, immersed in the joyfulness of a bubbly island. Relaxing walks over the immaculate sand on the edges of Kizimkazi bay and unforgettable times bathing in warm crystal-clear waters lie in wait for you. Close your eyes and start thinking about nothing but you. 

Our greatest desire: 
To offer top quality, style and hospitality.
The lure of Africa, the experience of the hospitality in paradise..


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